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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

ISOA Risking lives

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Risking lives

Having family home for the holidays always bings back memories. The first time they met, the day they decided to let their friends in on the alien secret, their trip to Las Vegas, Isabel's wedding, Max and Liz's wedding. And along those memories, are the ones with Alex before his death. Seven years later and Alex is still a part of their lives, he always will.

They all had Christmas dinner together and it was now time to rest. The house was small but they could make room for their family.

     "I moved the computer and the desk to the side, you, Michael and the baby can sleep here.
"Isabel, you and Jesse can stay in the room, I changed the mattress."

     "I still haven't started it, we left two days after it arrived."
     "How are you going to hide a rocket? Wouldn't they keep track of the ones they sell? Maxwell, I don't think this is a good idea."
     "That's not a problem, I checked and there are astronauts living around here, they also have personal rockets. We're not the only ones."
     "There's this other thing... I heard you wrote a book about Zan and Tess' 'adventure'. How do you make excuses for that? You'll lead them right to you!"
     "I thought of that but I have to make a living, I can't look for a job that will take time from our mission. I'm not using my name, besides I don't think anyone will be looking for us through children's books. I know what I'm doing Michael."
     "We're finally having a life free of alien hunters. Don't screw it up."

     "You're here until New Year's right? We should start planning it; what we're making for dinner and what we need to buy."
     "Do you think Michael will be ok if we leave the baby with him for a couple of hours?"
     "Spaceboy. You're in charge of the baby"
     "Where are you going?"
     "We're going to go get some things for New Year's Eve."
     "Why are you going today? That's still five days away."
     "We're taking the whole week off, we're just going to buy what we need. Watch the baby while we're away."

     "I kept wondering if it was safe to look for Isabel; I thought everyone I met was an alien hunter."
     "It's been 6 years, almost 7, you can stop worrying. But you still can't tell anyone. I'm just hoping Maxwell doesn't get us all killed with his books."
     "I don't want to hear it anymore, just be careful with what you share."
     "Guys, we're back! Did you make dinner? We'll bring a salad."

     "Zan, come down to eat."
     "I've been thinking and I need you to know that I'm not trying to put us in any danger. This is something I need to do for my family and for all of you. If this is what I can do that won't get in the way of our plans, I'm not going to stop now."

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  1. Super sweet chapter. I love their "life after Roswell". Makes me wish they had continued the series.

    1. :D I know, me too or at least a movie. I'll be ok with a movie lol
      There is actually a season four fan fiction that focuses on their kids, 15 years after the series ended I think. She (I'm assuming it's a girl or woman, I forgot the name but it's on the site) has gifs and images from the real actors and uses music on each of the chapters. It sounds pretty cool, as closer as you could get to the real series I believe.