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Saturday, November 29, 2014

BB - Day One

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Day one


Welcome to the Red House! The 8 sims are ready to enter the house for the first time and get to know their housemates.

The first Sim entering the house is Christine Stearns, the curator.
The house definitely looks big with only one Sim inside. That won't be a problem for Christine in a couple of hours; seven other Sims will be coming today through that door to keep her company.
Seems like she's already making herself at home. Is the house a bit chilly? Guess it was a great idea to add a fire place. She doesn't need to worry though, it won't be long now, the next Sim will be arriving soon.

And through those doors enters Blair Britt, the Renaissance.

First impressions are very important -- they seem to like each other -- but everybody knows that, we'll have to wait and see how they really get along once they start being around each other 24/7.

Here comes Adelyn Kohler, we assume she already misses her family. But how much exactly? Enough to go home next week? Or will she endure and be proclaimed the winner?

The more the merrier. Is this always true? We'll see in a couple of days how they feel being under the same roof with 7 strangers.

Jaime Burdick is our next Sim in the house. We're hoping the color won't give us problems with Mr. Burdick. I think it's a little late to reconsider changing it.

The first day is always nice; people have to fit in and learn as much as they can about the others. The thing everyone is looking for is to be the last Sim in the house.

We're halfway done with the introductions. Things are going great so far, we could only hope it'd stay that way throughout the 7 weeks. Although, where would be the drama and comedy? That's what increases ratings anyway; it's what we all want to see.
Our last female Sim is arriving now, Isabella Brenner. We now have a comedian, do we see a romantic relationship with Jaime in the future or will they end up being enemies?

The house is filling up, we can't wait to see them choose their allies.

Get your glasses on, the author Srikumar Robles just stepped inside. Will we get future books based on the events here? We can always ask for royalties.

Do we have readers in the house? Is anyone familiar with his work? It wouldn't be fair to judge him because of his books. Everyone has a possibility to win.

The angling ace, Mekhi See is making his way in. He is our third family Sim currently in the house. How will that affect them? Will it be a disadvantage compare to those that have no worries outside?

We're still seeing happy faces as they continue to get to know each other. How long does it take you to get comfortable and let loose your true self? We can't wait to see how many friends that will cost.

And last but not least introducing himself is Alec Bynum, our mixologist. The bar was a good investment, it will give us plenty of memories in the hands of the expert we have this season.
How many hearts will Alec brake inside the house and out?

We see Srikumar eyeing Alec, is he on to something? What is our romantic housemate hiding? We know he mostly keeps to himself but we have cameras everywhere. We'll have to keep an eye out so we don't miss anything important.

We have a variety of personalities and careers, this ought to be interesting.
We've provided them with instruments to get creative and impress us. We are very excited to see what this season brings. Hopefully you are as excited as we are.

One thing we can all agree is the fire place is the best thing in the house

The chitchat is over, time to explore the house. Jaime is the first one to go try out the pool. I didn't ask but I guess is a safe bet they can all swim right?

Adelyn went straight for the games; we do have a geek in the house.
Looks like she beat Christine to it, she'll have to find something else to do.

Isabella has decided to go browse the web. We have certain websites blocked, the computer won't be a problem.
Our favorite author, Srikumar is joining Jaime. Is it too soon to talk about who to send home next week?
Jaime thinks so, it's better to go back inside.

Of course our active housemate, Blair chooses to workout. She won't let being in the house affect her routine.

Were we wrong before? Seems like Jaime would rather hang out with Christine then keep Srikumar company. He went off to find her and brought her back to the pool.

Our lonely housemate, Alec has chosen to watch TV by himself. We're not so sure being the quiet one is best for this competition.

Straight to the observatory. We thought Adelyn would be the one to enjoy it the most but Mekhi has claimed it.

1:48 pm and we have our first incident. Isabella just walked in on Srikumar in the restroom. We really needed locks, but then again it's all part of the fun.
All she can do is wait outside until he comes out. There are other bathrooms but better to face him than hide.

Srikumar doesn't think so, time to hide under the sheets.

Now that Isabella is out of the restroom she thought better of it, she'll join him under the sheets. In another bed of course, but still in the same room. We have two rooms and she decided to join him. We don't know what to make of it.

3:31 pm Mekhi just got his first print of the sky, will we see him come out soon?

3:59 pm Jaime has brought news but they don't seem too happy about it. Does he already know about the incident?
"It happens, no big deal."
Being under the covers apparently does help, here comes Isabella to join them. But is too much for Jaime who brought it back and decides it'd be best to leave.

Looks like Christine found something to do. The platform was taken but there's also a computer. This generation sure is obsessed with video games.

5:14 pm First meal and it's a microwave dinner. Alec went for the easy way, but it's not the best option. We have cooking experts in the house, maybe he could have waited a little longer.

6:00 pm Isabella is cooking Mac and Cheese. Thinking that sounds better than the pastry, but they are adults -- young adults -- it's totally up to them.
Adelyn wants to grill some chicken but still Jaime goes for BLT.

Mekhi has spent all day Observing the sky, isn't he hungry? I'm sure he smells all the amazing meals in the house.
Jaime didn't feel like making BLT so Isabella offers to make it. She's one of the cooking experts we mentioned earlier. If you just wait, there are plenty of housemates who will happily cook for you.

It's a nice day to eat outside.
Although Srikumar thinks is better to enjoy the platform a little since it's available. He decided not to eat; he must not be hungry yet. Is he nervous perhaps?
Isabella prefers to enjoy her dinner inside, even if she's the only one at the table.

We have plenty of readers here, we've already seen Isabella and now Jaime going for the bookcase.
Also lots of gamers, Alec has joined Blair, Christine and Adelyn at computer gaming.

8:31 pm Mekhi just got his second print. He seems dedicated, he should have been a scientist.

9:14 pm We have our first housemate to go to bed, Blair gets to choose the room and the bed.
Christine and Jaime just realized that because they're going to sleep as well.

I hope they know not cleaning up the food will make the house smell bad. I see many plates, empty and some with food all over the house.
Of course our neat housemate, Alec is the one who gets to clean. If it makes him happy, why complain?

10:19 pm Isabella, Alec and Adelyn get ready for bed. Srikumar seems pretty tired already but he just has to finish his game. Who knows when he'll find the platform all to himself again.
Mekhi still hasn't come out of the observatory; he hasn't eaten anything all day. Can we call that an addiction?

Our west room has now been taken by Isabella, Christine, Alec and Jaime. That leaves our east room with Blair and Adelyn. Srikumar and Mekhi will have to join them. Who will be first? Still two beds to choose from.

Srikumar is ready to call it a day. Will Mekhi come out soon? Neither of them has eaten, Srikumar decided sleep was more important. We'll have to wait and see if Mekhi thinks like him.

10:46 pm End of day one, the house is so quiet except for the observatory. It's been a long day and they're all ready to start a new day in the house. The only owl we seem to have is Mekhi.

1:00 am We hear Mekhi complain but he won't come out. Do we need to call for help? Will this be our first eviction and will we have to have it early?

1:30 am Finally he's out. I don't know if it's because the observatory broke or he was ready to end his day. We still have to consider if it's a good idea to just replace it or take it away.
Mekhi will be going to sleep without eating. We don't want any health problems, what should we do?

2:30 pm It's officially the end of day one for all of the house. What will tomorrow bring?

Tune in next time to see what morning is like for these housemates.

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