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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

BB - Meeting the contestants

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Meeting the contestants

8 strangers living together under one roof for 7 weeks. They'll laugh, they'll cry, they'll fight. Making friends and enemies; only one gets to live in the house until the end. Who will it be?

We have the first Sim to enter the house
Miss Christine Stearns. She is the Curator; outgoing, gloomy and materialistic
Blair Britt is the Renaissance Sim; creative, glutton and active
Adelyn Kohler wants a big happy family; she's a geek, art lover snob
Jaime Burdick is the chief of mischief; a snob, foodie and noncommittal.
Isabella Brenner is the joke star; outgoing, a goofball and slob.
Srikumar Robles is the bestselling author; a foodie, family-oriented and perfectionist
Mekhi See is the angling ace; family oriented, childish and self assured.
And last but not least
Alec Bynum is the mixologist; a loner, neat and romantic.
Who will you want to see make it till the end and who do you think will be the first to leave?

Tune in next time to see how things are going in the house.

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