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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

About The Sims 4 Big Brother

About The Sims 4 Big Brother

8 sims were created randomly in CAS to live in the Big Brother Red house for 7 weeks.
Sex of sim was chosen randomly until there were four of the same sex.
Each name and walk style was chosen randomly in CAS
All aspirations were added to a form where only one was picked at random for each sim.
The same was done for traits but there were three picked randomly for each sim. There were three extra traits considered in case of incompatibility.

The house was built especially for this Big Brother household, main color used being Red hence the Red House.
Most activities are included for Sims to use freely.

There will be cheats used for bills, money, their aspiration and skills. (This will be done so they have the skills they would if they had been living and working before coming to the house.) The cooking skills -- if none of the Sims are chefs -- will be increased randomly.
No sim is allowed outside the property; they will have their cellphone and a computer, other than that there is no communication with the outside world.
All sims are young adult and won't have jobs.
All sims will be considered every week for their eviction taking into account which person is the least liked. I understand there might be some with traits that will be a disadvantage but everything will be analyzed.


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