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Saturday, February 14, 2015

ISOA Out of this World

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Out of this world

     "Happy Valentine's Day."
     "Max, Happy Valentine's Day again. Did you drop off Zan already?"
     "Yes. I have a surprise for you."
     "You're not going to start singing with a mariachi band, are you?"
     "Nothing, uhm nevermind. What is it?"
     "It's a surprise, just be ready by 7."

     "You are as beautiful as always."
     "Max, where have you been?"
     "I have something for you."
     "Is this the surprise?"
     "Part of it, come on.

"I know you've been enjoying painting and we bought the cheapest easel we found because we didn't have enough money. But I think we can afford a new one for you."
     "Max, this is... Thank you."
     "I'm going to change and then we can go."

     "Are you ready?"
     "Is Zan going with us?"
     "I already took care of that, he's going to stay with Noah. Lincoln is going to stay with them; Thomas and Kat are also going out. We'll drop him off on our way."

     "I found this online while I was researching Thomas to see if his story was true."
     "It's very nice, looks expensive."
     "We have a special table just for us."
     "I remember the first time I saw you playing with your friends in third grade. How you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. And then when I thought I was losing you, I just couldn't let that happen. I didn't know I was going to bring you into this world of secrets and danger. But I was glad you knew, I wanted to tell you for the longest time but never knew how or how you'd react."
     "I know I've said and done things to make you think I didn't want any of this, but I was scared. Things were happening and I was just a sixteen year old. I had this dream of becoming a molecular biologist and moving out of Roswell, but this, I wouldn't change it, because of you. I met you because of it and I don't wish for things to be different.

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