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Saturday, February 14, 2015

ISOA Romantic Trilogy

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Romantic Trilogy

     "Dad, let's go."
     "We're waiting for Liz, it's still early."
     "Noah said 7 and it's almost 6:30. We need to leave."
     "Okay, I'm ready. Max, is everything okay? In case we need to get out of there..."
     "Yes, just stay close to me."

     "You wait here, I'll go knock."
     "This house is even better than Noah said!"
     "Hi, you must be Liz. I'm Thomas, this is my son Lincoln."
     "Hi, thank you for inviting us."
     "I'm sure my wife will be happy to have a new friend. She hasn't been able to go out much between work and the kids.
"Come on in, make yourself at home."
     "Thank you."
     "Is Noah here?"
     "Yes, he'll be down in a minute.
"This is my wife, Kat."
     "Hi. Noah talks a lot about Zan, I'm glad we've finally met.
"You're just in time, dinner is ready. Come this way."
     "Won't your kids join us?"
     "No, they already ate. They finished their piano lessons later than usual today and they had an early dinner."
     "Kat, honey, did you tell Noah to come down?"
     "Yes, he was just finishing his homework."

     "What did you get on your report? Miss Graves kept mine and didn't tell me why."
     "She gave me an A but said aliens were not the best idea for it."
     "But your Dad helped you."
     "He said it was good but I don't think she likes aliens. When I told her the idea came from the movie my Dad had seen, she said I needed to find something real next time."

     "I don't think we've ever been friends with a writer. Any famous books we might have read of yours?"
     "Probably not, I just started selling them."
     "Then you should tell us the titles, we'll buy them as soon as we have a chance."
     "I'm working on one right now, I'll let you know when it's out in the world."
     "I've been really busy just like Thomas. We're glad to have Brailee helping us out with the kids. Liz, you'll have to give me a tour of the town, we've only seen the office."
     "Of course, I'll be glad to help. Did you move here when school started?"
     "Yes, I'm a detective and it was all so sudden. There was a murder case downtown last month and the detective on the case was let go for confidential reasons. I was brought in right away."
     "We heard that on the news, it was all they talked about."
     "We had to stop them, we kept getting false leads. But the one thing the previous detective did right was get a first great lead. We're following that and it seems like we're making progress."

     "I finished The Crashdown Incident; it's the beginning of a romantic trilogy only he's an alien hiding in our world."
     "What we do is read it, proofread it, make a cover for it and then send it to you. After that we get it to bookstores all around town and wait for it to sell."
     "Will you mail it to my house? When could I expect it?"
     "You can come pick it up if you prefer. I have a lot of work right now, I think it'd be best if I let you know once it's done. Anything else we need to know about it?"
     "There is one thing, I have the type of font I would like to use for the author's name, Rob Roy. Will it be okay if we use that?"
     "Sure, email it to me and we'll put it on your books."
     "Thank you. I'll leave this here with you then and I'll go work on the next book. I don't know if I'll get the second book of the trilogy, I have other ideas for different stories."

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