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Friday, February 6, 2015

DP - Fairest of all



Fairest of all

This is our family album; you'll get to know everyone and all of our history through this. Please keep it safe and pass it down through our generations so they may learn as well where they come from.

This was me when I was young, Lexie Greenwood. You may now know me as Lexie Kingson but that will come later. I had to run away from my family for my safety and a very helpful friend, I never got a name, found me this lot. We live in Oasis Springs because of this friend. I only saw him once but never thought much of it.
There was a knight waiting for me; the only condition was for me to keep it on the lot at all times.
As you can see, when I first arrived it seemed pretty big. It was also the highest place on the land so it was perfect for our future castle. There was only one house across the road but I didn't introduce myself right away and nobody came out. Coming by myself was scary at first, especially without a house to hide in case of danger.
I didn't have any money, I could only sell a jewel I had with me when I ran away and that didn't even give me a lot. They gave me 1,800 simoleons and I had to make due with that. I was able to afford the necessities and two walls. You can't see them in the picture but I had a toilet, a sink, a shower and a bed. You might live in the castle now so you don't know how hard it was the first days but it was for a better start.
As you may know, there is a path behind our lot. I've always been curious so I had to follow it; there were many flowers, trees and rocks to explore that I did just that.
I don't know if you're in charge of the frogs but this is where I found the first; it looked so cute that I had to keep it. Did you ever wonder why we have a collection? It's because of me!
This is what the museum on Oasis Springs looked like when I first arrived. Depending on what generation you are, it might be completely different now. After looking at all the flowers and trees I remembered I was supposed to be looking for my prince. I was a young adult and that is a bit old where I come from, we usually get married younger. But don't go with my past life, we're here now in a new place so you can wait until a young adult to marry your prince or princess.
This is the first guy I met, Kason. He was all alone so I went and introduced myself. We didn't talk much before we had more guys come join our conversation. They sure are talkative in this town. But I guess it was for the best, I later found out he was married and older than me.
I met Camron after leaving them talking to each other. It was hard at first, he kept being mean to me but I didn't care. I had to find a way to befriend him though it didn't work; he didn't want to be friends.
This was my first meal, hot dogs. I went to the park at Oasis Springs after the museum because I hadn't eaten anything all day. I didn't have enough money for a stove or a fridge so I had to find another way to get some food. There were no restaurants when I first moved in. Even though it was late, I found some women at the park. We didn't talk; I just had my dinner and went home to sleep.
Ah memories! This is the picture of Rocco. I took it the next morning after I saw him again. I should tell you that I saw him the day before but couldn't catch up to him, he was so fast. I later learned that he ran every morning. This time I went up to him and talked for a bit before he had to go back to his jog. As he was leaving I saw Camron, he passed by me but he ignored me.
I met Zion after harvesting and eating some carrots. Some of the trees and bushes I had found the day before were ready and I decided to do something with my time. I was really upset that Camron had ignored me and the plants really helped me feel better. I asked Zion about his day and he got really tense. He stopped talking so I tried to cheer him up, he was a bit of a loner so it was really hard to get him to open up to me.
These were the first plants in our garden. Finding something to eat was expensive and tiring; growing our own food seemed like the best choice. I had sage, tulips and carrots. The wild carrots I found were good but hoped if I took the time I could grow the best carrots in town.
The second night I went to the park in Willow Creek; it was farther but I wanted to see everything. I played chess with a teen, I'd seen him walking by our house all the time. Sadly, he beat me just as his friend came and congratulated him. I didn't play much chess with the guards back at home so I wasn't very good at the time. I went fishing for the first time there but didn't catch anything.
This is me talking to Zion (he called me) as I was harvesting more wild plants on the third day. You can tell I was happy, I was not expecting that phone call at all. I was really hoping he would be the one.
I met Hank later that day, I was sleeping but his voice woke me up. I think he was talking to somebody before walking by our house. Don't mind my outfit, I still can't believe I just ran to greet him and forgot to change clothes.
I know what it may look like but I had to keep my options open. Nothing dangerous happens here, no guy has to rescue you from an evil witch or a dragon. There was no way for me to know who I was supposed to marry, I wasn't used to this new way of thinking and living.
Glad I just explained that because this picture is from later that night, Zion came over. Yeah, I know what you're going to say but I was surprised. We talked and I flirted with him and he flirted back. I was going to have to take the first step apparently.
You're probably thinking things would have been easier if I'd looked for a job. But where I come from, we don't work, our prince does and even he doesn't always work; we're just rich. But yes, I gave that up and now I had to find my own way. My way was to find a prince to work for me, please don't think like me. If you're my great-great-great granddaughter or closer, find a job.
These two are our first trees. Well, they weren't trees yet but you get the point. Also, you can see a new plant in the back, daisies! I love nature. I was planting a lemon tree and next to it there's a cherry.
Oh right, I think I might also be the one that has us collecting fossils. But I can't be the only that likes them, am I?


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