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Friday, February 13, 2015

ISOA Befriending the enemy

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Befriending the enemy

     "Are you sure Noah will be here with his Dad?"
     "Only one time I saw them with their brother."
     "Noah and his sister, but his dad always comes."
     "Do you see them?"
     "I always wait for him by the llama."
     "Have you talked to his Dad?"
     "No, he stays over there."
     "What time does he get here?"
     "I see him. Noah!"
     "Hi. I'm Zan's father, Max."
     "Hello. I'm Thomas. Noah kept complaining about moving here until he met Zan."
     "I said he could come and play."
     "Yes! Can we go Dad?"
     "You should come over for dinner Friday. Here's my card, call me so we can arrange it. I have to go but we'll see you soon."

     "Liz Evans?"
     "Yes, that's me."
     "We brought this for you. Sign here please."
     "Thank you."
     "Max, the cupcake maker is here."
     "It's bigger than I thought."
     "Should we put it in the back? I want to make some today so I can take to the bakery."

     "I talked to Thomas."
     "What did you find out?"
     "He seems like a nice man. He invited us over for dinner Friday."
     "Isn't that suspicious? He just invited us over to his house?"
     "Well, Noah brought it up. He said to call him, I didn't give him our number or anything.
"I'm going to keep writing the book, I'm almost finished with The Crashdown Incident. I'm meeting the publisher by the end of next week."
     "I know you know what you're doing but now that we're not really sure why a detective came here, the book doesn't really talk about what happened that day, does it?"
     "No, I changed names and the way things happened. You can read it after I finish it."

     "Zan, do you want to come try the cupcakes?"
     "I'm coming!"
     "How will the bakery get the cupcakes? Are you going to take some every week?"
     "Max, come try them. Cassie said she could send someone to pick them up daily."
     "I don't know if you should give them our address."
     "I was thinking maybe I could take some every other day. I'll call her tomorrow and see what we can do."

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