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Saturday, February 7, 2015

DP - We'll meet again

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We'll meet again

This is when Zion came over after I had called Hank. After a couple of minutes Rocco came over, I know it looks bad but I was desperate, the days kept passing and I still hadn't found my prince.
We were tense but Rocco tried to cheer us up. It didn't work, Zion left and that's when I felt relieved. I didn't even know it was because of him.
Later that night, I had to invite Hank over and make a decision. I was going to make things work with Hank and forget about the others. Things were going great between us and I was really happy.
This is our first picture together the next morning after he came back all on his own. I didn't even had to call him, I was sure he'd be the one.
Zion came over and got upset when he saw us together. He took it really hard so I talked to him. We remained friends but whatever had started between us was over. He still kept coming over often just to talk.
It'd been a week since I had moved here so I asked Hank to stay so we could talk. Things were going great between us; and he sang to me for the first time.
We already knew we were in love so I asked him to move in so we could start our future together. He said yes, I figured he could work and make money so we could have a decent house. I had been selling the flowers and fruit I was harvesting but that was not enough.
He surprised me with our first kiss as soon as he moved in.
He later proposed but after thinking about it, I decided he wasn't the right guy for me. I had to say no.
I regretted saying no when I saw him die because of it. I felt bad, I still do but there was nothing I could do.
I hope you don't hate me because of this. I didn't mean for that to happen. I was looking out for my future, he was a criminal. He wasn't the best for our family.

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