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Friday, February 27, 2015

DP - Some Day

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Some day


I am Harmony Greenwood and this is our family album. This was passed down to you so you'll know where you come from and also to continue adding your part of the Kingson story.
This begins with me, I was chased away from my family because my stepmother didn't want me around. I came to Oasis Springs where I heard about an unoccupied lot at the top of the mountains. It didn't seem to belong to anyone but people were afraid of it which is why it remained unclaimed. I decided to check it out, if it was free nothing was going to keep me away from it. You have to know that I'm a good, cheerful princess. I might have been chased away from my kingdom but I'll start a new one.

There was a knight guarding the lot; I didn't expect anyone to be inside the armor so I wasn't scared. He was holding a scroll which I assumed it was meant for whoever came across this lot because it was in plain sight waiting to be read. It had a few rules but the most important one was that we had to stay here forever. If I decided to live on this lot, all my future generations would have to live here. I'm sure you already know all the other rules by now, I'm keeping that scroll along with the knight somewhere in the lot. That was another thing, I could not get rid of it and honestly I didn't know where I could just drop it and leave him so it'll have to stay here.

It's all very strange but I didn't want to think too much about it. This is all the furniture and privacy the lot provided; I could change things if I wanted, there were no restrictions there but I needed money. Speaking of money, I found 627 simoleons hiding under the sheets. I didn't want to spend it on food considering it was all I had so I decided to harvest some wild plants around the lot. I have to find my prince soon, where I come from, they're the ones that work.

Rylan is the first guy I meet. I was walking by the park and found him, I think he was leaving but I caught up to him. We talked for a while and I discovered he's a gloomy guy. It's hard to keep up with them and you always have to watch what you say or it might trigger a sad memory. Nonetheless, we had a great time and he said he'd call me.

We took a picture together earlier; I wanted to have a picture of him and I thought he'd think I was crazy if I asked to take one of him by himself. I know he looks much older but it's just his mustache; if it were up to me, I'd tell him to shave it off.

I got some flowers from the plants behind our lot; I planted some hoping they'll be edible. I have lilies, daisies, snapdragons and tulips. I want to find other kinds of plants, maybe some fruits or vegetables. My dream, apart from marrying my prince and having a successful lineage, is to have a beautiful garden. I am an outdoorsy kind of princess.

I went to the library to find more plants and I ran into Rylan. He was sad and I tried to cheer him up, I didn't like seeing him like that. We talked and got to know each other more. Turns out he is a bro and ambitious, he wants to be a party animal and told me all the things he has planned on doing.
The plants I found weren't ready to be harvested, I'll have to go back another day. However, I did find more plants along the way and now I added cherries, lemons, sage and carrots. I'll have a full garden in no time.

Rylan came to my lot and after talking for a while he kissed me. I think I might have found my prince!

Rylan asked me out on a date and he took me to the lounge. He seems excited about us and from what we talked about, I think he might be ready to get married. Even though he is from here, I'm sure he'll be a great prince. I'm going to prepare, look for some clothes so I'll look nice when he proposes. I'm sure he'll have the ring next time he asks me out.

We've been going downtown together. He says he wants to spend more time with me and this is the best way. He's been working on a promotion and he needs to practice as much as he can. I go and get some seeds and flowers; I now have onions, roses, potatoes and strawberries. I've been eating fruits from my growing garden that way I don't spend money. After I have collected new seeds I go write; I've written a children's books and a short story. I'm working on a poetry book right now and I'm hoping this one will give me more royalties.

Rylan asked me if he could have a party on the lot. Of course I agreed, if it means being together he can have all the parties he wants. This is the first party of three that he has planned for the moment. He invited a lot of guys I didn't know. It looks like I have nothing but we still had a good time. I bought a fridge and a stove for the party but I won't use them after; I'll stick to my fruits for a while. One of the guests brought a couch as a gift and he said I could keep it.

He surprised me! I had planned to get a dress and nice shoes for this. I thought he'd ask me out again and we'd go to a fancy restaurant. I didn't even have time for the dress, I was gardening and he just approached me and got down on one knee. He said he knew I love my garden so he thought it'd be special and romantic. Of course I said yes!

I found my prince!

We've been spending more time together. He now plays his guitar on the lot before he goes to work. He got his promotion and now he works all afternoon. We haven't gone downtown anymore, I didn't go back for the pears I found the last time I was there but other than that, I didn't find any new seeds. I stopped writing as well; right now I'm just tending my garden, waiting for the wedding. We still haven't talked about it but he's looking for a day off.

We agreed on having a small wedding because they're expensive and we don't want to spend so much money we don't have. But he invited a few of our friends, the same guys from last time. This is party two of three on his plans, he said it wasn't as expensive and that we should at least celebrate our marriage with our friends since neither of us has family nearby.

He said the best place to get married was where he proposed, near our garden. Nobody seemed to mind we were exchanging rings but we didn't care. They were there for the party, this was a private moment meant for just the two of us. I told him I'd cheer him up any time I'd see him sad. He told me he'd shave his mustache for me because he knew how much I hated it. Either way I loved my prince.

I am now Harmony Kingson! And I couldn't be happier.

I told you he'd look younger and more handsome!

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  1. "I might have been chased away from my kingdom but I'll start a new one." I love that quote! Not just applicable to the sims :)

    So far it seems like quite the fairytale! But gosh, Rylan's personality is hilarious, a gloomy bro? :D

    1. Lol he's a townie I saw at the park and was able to talk to him before he left. I had never thought about it, I mostly see him as a gloomy sim. Poor Rylan has no guy friends, I need to let them live before they die, all they do is follow my orders,