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Thursday, January 8, 2015

ISOA The True King

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The true king

The first day of the new year was coming to an end and Max didn't want to waste more time; he went to sit in front of his computer and organized his ideas. His next book, a short story he's calling A King's Quest will describe their journey to uncover the truth; finding the fourth alien and learning about their destiny. He knew better than to write it with Michael there; he could just imagine how that would have gone.
Max had meant to find a publisher before finishing his second book but as he sat there thinking about what Michael had said, he realized it was probably best if he published this one himself.

     "Max, are you coming to bed? It's after one."
     "I started my second book, I want to know what you think."
     "I know you're worried because of everything that Michael said, but I trust you. I told you once, I'm not scared; I married an alien king."

     "Did Zan eat breakfast already?"
     "No, he's sleeping and I didn't want to wake him."
     "I'm going to start building the rocket and I was thinking he could help me."
     "You can wait for him, he'll start school soon and he won't be able to sleep in."
     "I'll go keep writing while he wakes up."

     "Dad, will I be able to go with you once it's built?"
     "The idea is we'll all go together once we find Antar and we decide what to do. But first I have to go explore and look for it by myself."
     "And then I can go?"
     "Yes, but we don't know when that will be. I'm going to be building the rocket and writing; if the publisher wants me to write more books, it could take more of my time. I also don't know how far this will be able to go, there are a few upgrades but we'll probably need something else."
     "Did you come to earth in a rocket like this?"
     "No, our protector brought us in a spaceship before we were born. Things would be easier if we had it."
     "Where is it?"
     "Max, Zan, lunch is ready."

     "Max, what's wrong?"
     "Zan asked me about the spaceship earlier and where it was. I uh... I keep thinking about it and Kal, I forced him to fly the ship, I made him shapeshift and for that he lost everything he had worked for all his life. He didn't want to do it and he tried to tell me but I still made him do it, I knew he had to obey my orders. He said I've always been selfish and ungrateful. Liz, he warned me to stop chasing our planet, what if he's right and going there changes me? What if..."
     "No, Max, listen, that's not who you are. The Max from your world, from the past is not you. The human dna in you would never let you be like that. You were looking for your son, you thought he was in danger and you were trying to save him. When the time comes, we'll all decide together what's best and what we should do."
     "You've always been there for me."
     "I chose this from the beginning because I love you."

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