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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ISOA An Interesting Name

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An interesting name

     "What are you doing today?"
     "I'm going to try to finish the first half of the book and contact the publisher, see if he can meet me tomorrow."
     "There is some food in the fridge, I'm going out with Zan to buy some things before he goes back to school."
     "I'm ready. Are we leaving?"
     "Yes, let's go. We'll be back before dinner."

While Liz and Zan were out, Max contacted the publisher that people recommended online. He seemed professional and famous; he'd probably seen many different alien stories. Max still had to be careful, he'd find out as much as possible before making a deal with him.

     "Look! That's my friend."
     "From school?"
     "No, when Aunt Isabel was here, we went to the park. Can we go over there? I want to play with him for a few minutes."
     "A few minutes? It's ok, you can go play."

     "Come on Weston, you be the captain."
     "My mom is taking me to get cupcakes. Do you want to go? They are the best ever. Come on, she's sitting over there."
     "She's sitting next to my mom, I'll ask her if we can go."
     "Mom, Zan wants to go with us to eat cupcakes."
     "Can we go? He says they are the best ever."
     "Liz, right? We live across the street, next to the bakery, we go there all the time. They are really good and they're always looking for new recipes, there's always something new to try."
     "Mom, can I change first? It's getting warm."

     "You're going to love it, you'll want to be back every day."
     "Come on Zan, let's go inside."
     "Liz, this is Cassie, the owner of the bakery. This is Liz, Weston's friend's Mom."
     "Hello Liz, are you new in town? I've never seen you around here."
     "Yes, we moved here eight weeks ago."
     "That's great, this is a very peaceful and friendly town, you'll enjoy living here. Would you like to try some cupcakes? On the house."
     "Mom! Weston says the chocolate is really good, can I have one?"
     "This is my son, Zan."
     "Hello dear, of course you can have one. What an interesting name, Zan. Where did it come from?"
     "Uhm, it... it's a long story but there was a story when I was younger about a king from another planet named Zan."
     "That sounds like a great story, you're going to have to share it with me some day."
     "Of course."
     "You know, I have an idea but first, would you like to see how we make the cupcakes?"

     "We have a lot of daily customers, many people come from out of town just to try them. We have many flavors and our list keeps growing but people always come back to see if we have something new."

     "Max, we're back. What are you doing? Are you hungry, I'll make dinner."
     "I'm getting water. Where did you go?"
     "We ran into Zan's friend, they were going to the bakery and asked us to go with them. I talked to the owner, she sells a lot of cupcakes and she's looking for new flavors. She showed me the cupcake maker they use, is not expensive and told me if I made some, she'd buy them. That could help us get more money while you start writing books for the publisher."
     "Where do we get it?"
     "She said we could order it online. Did you talk to the publisher?"
     "Yes, he answered my email, he's not going to be in his office tomorrow but agreed to meet me at the park."
     "Did you send him what you have of the book so far?"
     "No, I'm going to publish it myself. I keep thinking about what Michael said. I'm going to tell the publisher I got the idea from a friend. Brody's story seemed crazy because we didn't believe it but people are still interested about aliens. I won't use Brody's name or tell him too much but it'll be a way to continue writing about it without him asking too many questions."

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