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Sunday, January 18, 2015

ISOA Pseudonym

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The good thing about the holidays, especially because they don't have outside jobs, is that there is no reason to wake up very early. But that was coming to an end since it was Zan's last day off. With him still sleeping and Max outside working on the rocket, Liz thought it was the best time to look for the cupcake maker Cassie mentioned. She already had in mind a few recipes, too bad she couldn't make tabasco cupcakes; Max would really like them.

When Liz found the cupcake maker, she called Max to show him.
     "I found it, it's not that expensive and I think it will really help us in the future."
     "Then let's buy it. Will they deliver it to the house or do we have to go pick it up?"
     "They deliver, it'll be here in a week. That gives me time to come up with more recipes and do more research on the machine."
     "Ok, here's the credit card, I'll go finish up downstairs."

     "I'm going to meet the publisher after this. He said he was going to walk by the park at two and I could talk to him there."
     "You're going to the park? Can I come?"
     "First you finish your lunch and put on a sweater."

     "Zan, you go play, I'm going to talk to the publisher over there. Don't go too far, okay?"
     "I won't. Are we staying long?"
     "It won't take me more than ten minutes, he said he had less than that before he has to keep going."
     "Can we stay after he leaves? I want to play and it's my last day before I go back to school."
     "We'll see. I'll be right over there."

     "Yes, I'm Maddox Teague. Are you Max Evans?"
     "I am, thank you for agreeing to meet me today. I know you only have a few minutes but I just have a couple of questions."
     "No problem. You mentioned you were interested in selling your books, have you been writing long?"
     "Not really but I think they could be interesting stories. I'm hoping you could help me out, could you read one and tell me what you think? I'd still have to write it, I don't really have one for you right now."
     "Will that be your full time job or do you do it as a hobby?"
     "I don't have other plans right now, writing will be my full time job if you accept my books."
     "I think we can talk about it more. If you have an idea for a book or a specific genre you can take that with you. I'll see you on Tuesday."
     "That's perfect, I just have one question. I want to write them under a different name, will that be possible?"
     "Looking to use a pseudonym? We can work with that. Remind me on our meeting, come up with some names and you can mention them then. Here's my address, I'll see you in two days."
     "Thank you, I'll be there. It's nine okay? I could drop my son at school and meet you after."
     "It's fine. I have to go now or I'll be late but I'll see you soon."

     "Where are we going?"
     "Now that you played for a while, I have to go to the bank, it won't take long."
     "Are we going home after this?"
     "Yes, you have to go to bed early, you have school tomorrow.
"Go sit down and wait for me."

     "Excuse me, could you help me."
     "Of course, have a sit."
     "How do you handle your customers' privacy? Could people have access to anyone's information somehow?"
     "Outside of the people that work here? Your privacy is our number one priority, no one could have access to it."
     "What about the people that work here, do they sign some kind of contract that tells them they can't give any information to anyone other than the customer?"
     "Is something wrong with your account Sir?"
     "No, there's nothing wrong."
     "I can assure you your information is safe with us."
     "Thank you.
"Come on Zan, let's go."

     "Time for bed."
     "Can we read another one?"
     "It's getting late and you have to get up early. Aren't you excited to go back to school?"
     "What do you do when I'm in school?"
     "I write and now I'll work on the rocket as well."
     "Will things change when the baby comes?"
     "Of course not. What do you think could change?"
     "Will you do fun stuff without me?"
     "We couldn't. We'll do boring things until you get home from school. Eventually the baby has to go to school too."
     "What if we find Antar before he goes to school?"
     "He'll go with us but we still haven't decided what to do. We might not be able to stay there, humans might not be welcomed."
     "But you're the king. You could change that"
     "I'm not the king, not anymore. That's why we have to go save them."
     "Will you let humans stay there when you become king again?"
     "Yes, we'll show them not all humans are after us. It's time for bed now, good night."
     "Good night Dad."

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