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Saturday, January 3, 2015

ISOA The Real Quest

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The real quest

Saying goodbye to family is always hard, especially if you don't see them often.
2009 had come and they had to go back to their lives.

     "Uncle Michael, why do you have to leave so soon?"
     "We have to go back home, we do have work..."
     "Maxwell, don't.
"These two weeks were great, seeing all of you again, but we agreed on this for our safety. We'll see each other soon, just... be careful."

Michael, Maria and the baby were the first to leave. Jesse and Isabel would leave soon, they too had work and lives back home. Though the quest was important for everyone, Max and Liz were the ones spending all their time on that. They would still keep in touch with the others and when the time came, they'd all get together again and decide what to do. They didn't know if they'd find Antar or if they'd be too late to save it but they had to at least try.

     "Bye Aunt Isabel. Thank you for staying with me and decorating for Christmas."
     "You're welcome, I had fun.
"We'll call you when we get home"

As everyone left, things had to go back to normal. Max hadn't done any real work the last two weeks; he didn't want to start a fight with Michael if he saw him writing another book based on their life. He knew what his next book would be and he'd need to write it soon. Orbiting Antar wasn't getting him enough money; he knew that could happen with it being his first, self published book but he hadn't considered taking a two week vacation. He also had to get started on the rocket soon.

     "I think we should take down the decorations and put away the Christmas tree."
     "Ok, I'll get started with the tree, you take down the lights outside."

Since the holidays had passed, there was no more time to waste, the tree and the decorations were put away, at least he didn't get rid of them.

     "Come on Zan, I already put the TV down, help me get the table back to where it was so I can go start my next book.
"Watch your fingers. Grab the other end, it's not heavy."

Without the decorations and back to three people in the house, it felt kind of lonely. It would take time to get used to it again; being away from their family was not a good feeling when they had spent so much time together before moving here. Liz had to start painting, hopefully the morning sickness wouldn't be so bad, she really needed to help out if they'd be working from home. It would probably take a while before Max started making more money from his books. Zan would be starting school again next week and he'd have something to look forward.

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