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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Harmony's castle floor plans

Floor Plans

Harmony's generation

Clickable image for full size

Five bathrooms, seven bedrooms
1: Aspen's room (kid #6)
2: Family room; filled with piano, guitars, activity table, computer, bookshelf, chess table, fireplace and teddy bear (Ax the bear)
3: Ash's room (kid #2, heir)
4: Baby room
5: Rosie (kid #1) / Pearl's room (kid #7)
6: Forest's room (kid #3)
7: Twins' room; Ebony and Bijou (kids #4 & #5) 8: Rylan and Harmony's room
9: Kitchen
10: Main entrance and hallway; filled with stereo, workout machines and family portraits
* : Storage rooms for now
Don't mind the backyard; I just noticed it.

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